Monday, 25 August 2014

No Cheese Like Cheddar

Lou is a fussy little sod when it comes to food.  I'm not sure how it happened but I hope with all my heart it passes.  Me?  Well I'll eat almost anything except salad cream, semolina and tinned prunes.  Children of the sixties will realise that there is a school dinner theme going on with the latter two. I was forced to try and eat them approximately once weekly and missed out on swathes of playtime as a consequence.   When another small boy was sick in his it truly reinforced the idea that we were dealing with devil food here. I still retch at the merest whiff of a prune can being opened.

One thing that I have managed is to get Lou to try and accept a range of cheeses.  Even stinky blue ones.  There's one thing we're in agreement on in France.  In spite of the massive range of truly excellent from age on offer,  nothing comes close to being as good a cooking cheese as the vintage cheddar that we brought to use up from home.   It set off the lovely ham in our home prepared galettes so nicely.   Emmental (known to Lou as rat cheese) and Comte just don't have the same potency that we know and love.  Sacrilege!  We've resorted to pre shaved Parmesan from the supermarket as a substitute.  Acceptable yes, but it's come at a cost both financially and in terms trying to source locally.

If anyone has any ideas about an acceptable French cheddar substitute let me know.  Otherwise I'll have to stock the van with a bigger block next time.  


  1. Ah..galettes! We used to love those when we were in Brittany. Hope you haven't got the rain today that we have here in SE looks set in for the day!

  2. I agree that there's no French cheese like cheddar...the closest substitute I have found is cantal...particularly the older type. It grates reasonably well, melts (ish) and, if you find a good lump, can have a bit of a "bite".