Friday, 29 August 2014

Or Better?

Do you remember that I creatively visualised Louis catching a fish the other day?  Well here's the urchin Louis, who sorely needs a haircut before starting his new school next week, with his first. Not the ruddy great sea bass that I imagined but a perfectly serviceable sardine. Bless! At least it's the right silvery colour.  Perhaps this is how this process works.  You get small versions of what you wish for first off maybe?  I'm sure that there's situations where that might not be advantageous at all!

I asked for a benevolent grandpa to teach Louis to fish 'or something better'.  Well what do you know the enhanced wish came true in the form of a second fishing lesson off the harbour at Guilvinnec from Bob, the dad of Ollie who is Louis' partner in crime.  We ate the entire catch of three fish supplemented by moules, more sardines and langoustines from the fish van.  Oh and frites from the fast food bar.All washed down with something cold and white for the mums of course.   I'm liking Louis' latest hobby - a lot!

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  1. He must have felt a great sense of achievement. He is very good looking isn't he?