Saturday, 23 August 2014

Parents: By Our Loom Bands You Will Know Us

'Can they come and do loom bands in the van.' Louis asked as he turned up after going out in search for friends at the campsite.  There was a gaggle of them of various ages.  'Now have you asked your parents if you can come in here?'  I said.  'After all I could be a mass murderer. '  'Yeah' said Lou nonchalantly.  'She told them she was a psychopath last year.  The kids' eyes widened and they ran off, shortly to return with Mum in tow - and Dad, a sergeant in the Met - oops!  Obviously one to investigate potential threat seriously.   He took one look, pronounced that I was alright  and then the parents settled down to share a bottle of red. Meanwhile the kids strew elastic over the floor and helped themselves to chocolate from the fridge.  I hope the scary routine gives them food for thought before entering anyone else's tent or motorhome willy - nilly in the future.

The loom band craze is great.  Really! It gets kids away from all that electronic gadgetry that is such a lure.  Come to think of it, there's some adults I know who might benefit from a bit of weaving.   And now you can spot those of us with children a mile off. Sgt Ian sported a very natty multi-coloured necklace that I sure will be hidden under the uniform when he returns to work. And here's my latest offering from Lou. 'Wow!' said Fiona, the kids' Mum.  'A double fishtail.   They take ages.'  You see we're all picking up the lingo too!

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  1. Love the title. So true! I also appreciate how it gets them off media, is social, and appeals to all genders.