Sunday, 3 August 2014

Porridge Bretagne/Ecosse/Essex!

Instead of an image of a bowl of beige coloured food you're getting a picture of Stonehenge today. How random is that?  It's a good one that Louis took as we passed by at snail's pace on Friday.  Surprising really as he thought he'd taken a photo of my chin!

I'm back to France in a couple of weeks and trying to think of what to do with our fortnight there. No firm plans apart from not driving very far.  The Loire-Atlantique or Normandy beckon at a push but I may even stay within Brittany.  Last year's Santander-Roscoff road trip cost a fortune in fuel, and seeing as I'm saving for a US holiday next year to celebrate being around on this earth for half a century, spending must me more moderate in 2014.  A week in a campsite after touring around free beachside aires de camping car form the bare bones of an idea.  Looking back at my previous post I think Plouha is definitely calling me to return

One thing I will be doing is picking up more of this stuff.  Salted butter caramel sauce is a bloody lovely Breton specialty that needs to become a store cupboard staple.  It's replaced maple syrup as my porridge topper of choice.  My frugal breakfast bowl, made with milk and organic jumbo oats is a thing of joy.  None of that instant oaty crap for me.  The addition of a good  grinding of  Maldon Sea Salt to enhance that sweet-savoury thing that's going on makes it even better.  Scotland, Brittany, Essex:  Food fusion at its simplest and finest!

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  1. Oh lucky girl to be going to Brittany! We had 4 lovely holidays in various parts of it when the boys were young…stayed at Eurocamp. 2 separate sites for a 2 week holiday each time. Plouha sounds familiar for some reason.We started off in tents, but once we had a mobile home, there was no going back for me…..I like my own lav !!