Thursday, 7 August 2014

Courgettes Fit for A Greek

Remember the tomatoes in the foot well of my car that resulted from over-enthusiastic braking? They came from  Mama Lovelygrey's allotment goody bag. It  contained courgettes as well.  Loads of them. Apparently they grow at the pace of Jack's beanstalk at this time of year. Produce grown with love deserves special but albeit simple treatment.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  So I turned to a favourite cookbook for inspiration, Sarah Maxwell's Meze Cookery and then completely bastardised the original recipe.

The instructions call for a batter that's left to chill for a few hours before use.  I didn't have time for that. So, to 175g of well seasoned plain flour I added enough  fizzy water, that was  in the fridge and so nice and cold already, to make a thick batter.  Genius!  I replaced the suggested spice, cinnamon, with smoked paprika.  It gave the finished dish a very slight pinky glow.

I know frying food in anything other than a light smear of oil is a cooking technique of the devil but needs must here.  I added about an inch depth of oil to a small saucepan, coated 1/4 inch thick courgette rounds with the batter and fried in batches until golden brown. A light dusting of sea salt and a simple greek yoghurt dip was all that was needed to make a very lush supper that was incidentally, even cheaper than chips!


  1. Those look delish. I don't have fizzy water but I do have a bottle of lager languishing in the fridge. Maybe I could have ' beer' battered courgettes!

  2. Mmmm beer battered courgettes sounds lovely!

  3. I need a 'chip pan'. I hate throwing out all those courgette flowers.

  4. To clarify: The original recipe just calls for tap water so that's all that's needed. Beer sounds very satisfactory though! x