Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sofa on the Beach

Here's Porzou, the place we were camped up by yesterday.  Not bad considering it cost nowt.  Oh I did have to stump up 4 Euros to top up with water.   Some of us 'camping caristes' even baulk at that.  We're mean buggers.

We didn't have the spot quite to ourselves. Some random French people had taken a massive '80s sofa to the beach, as you do. We were invited to take a seat  The occasion was a big multi - generational hen/stag party.  So much nicer than my own affair where I had to gingerly remove a pair of M&S blue pants from a heavily oiled Tarzan-a-gram to reveal an animal skin thong below.  I still suffer PTSD at the thought!

Now Lou is a sucker for a TV wedding.  'Don't Tell the Bride' is a favourite as is 'Marrying Mum and Dad'.  Odd choices for an eleven year old boy but there you go. 'Can I organise your next wedding pleeeease?' he asked for the umpteenth time as we strolled back up the sand. I finally caved.  The promise of a big settee by the seaside sealed it.

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