Sunday, 10 August 2014

Staring at the Sky Again

Earlier readers this morning got a completely different post which I've somehow managed to erase from the annuls of the world wide web. Oops! I'm absolutely shattered today in spite of a mid-morning nap which could be why things are going tits up. That's what comes of burning the candle at both ends, two nights in a row, at an age where I really should know better.  I drove home early to avoid the weather warnings and M5 crowds and am now in the throes of one of the laziest days ever.

Yesterday Red Mel and I headed out into the Vale of Avalon to the Glastonbury Extravaganza, like a little Glasto  in the grounds of the abbey but with better toilets.  Robert Plant, who is now the spit of a very old lion, and his band 'The Space Shifters' were headlining.  With their mix of new stuff and a few old Led Zep tracks, they were show stopping.  So was this bloke, George Ezra, with his deep, deep baritone voice that betrays the fact that he's only 21.  If Lou is as accomplished at whatever he ends up doing at that tender age I will be dead proud.  Dancing activity was curtailed by a bit of a knee setback.  I'd have been up the front but the jogging has caused some pain.  Nothing I've done wrong said the physio but still a bummer.  Didn't stop rather a lot of jigging about on the spot!


Mr Eavis surprised us with fireworks at the end of a wonderful day which started and finished with staring upwards.  Well it wasn't quite the finish as there was  interminable wait for a shuttle bus livened up by the very buoyant 'Dave the Drunk' in the queue behind us.  'Pessimists are never disappointed!'  he shouted at the queue behind us as we finally boarded.  Then there was a long dark drive back to Bristol.  Boy was it worth it!

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