Sunday, 24 August 2014

Techno Wizardry Update

I risked life and limb to get this shot of the seagulls at St Guenole, a beautiful cycle ride from my van, re enacting  a famous Hitchcock film.  Now Nana Lovelygrey has always said it's lucky to be shat upon by a bird but I really don't think so.

My new phone has replaced the camera that I used to carry.  I think I mentioned before in passing that I'd got one.  Even before its contract was half way up it was clear that my cheap as chips Sony Xperia T wasn't cutting the mustard.  The battery died in a couple of hours even with little use.  The company's recommendations to remedy the situation were laughable. Fixes involved turning every function but the phone off when not in use. This would have rendered it, a so called smartphone, as useful as a model that I could pick up in Asda for a tenner. They offered to have a look if I sent it back but that would have left me phoneless for over a week.  Even for a girl who tries to live simply, this was unthinkable in a techno age.

My failing eyesight was another reason for an update.  The screen was too small even when I'm wearing glasses.   So going against my previously held view that involved buying older technology to save money I coughed up and bought a near new all singing and dancing  Galaxy Note 3 and stuck my old simcard in it.  After all something that's being used many times a day shouldn't be a constant source of annoyance.  Thriftiness doesn't necessarily mean sticking with the cheapest option.  It's about making wise decisions that are a best fit with your own personal philosophy and lifestyle.  My old phone has been passed onto Lou. He's delighted with his own exclusive gaming console.

While I'm on the subject of phone I might as well mention that call costs in Europe have come down since 1 July.  Three cheers for Three, my own provider who now let me use my text and call allowances and 25Gb of data whilst I'm in 16 different countries for nothing!  For someone always hopping over the channel that represents a really good deal. It means that Louis make his nightly call to his dad unfettered by time limits and I can chat with friends as mood takes me.

Tethering is not included though.  I've been blogging on the phone. My use of predictive text has never been fault free. Howlers have been deleted or amended as I've noticed them.  But this is a small price to pay. International communication that used to represent a financial headache is now worry free!

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