Saturday, 30 August 2014

Une Petite Promenade en Velo

The campsite, Le Plage, where we've been staying during the last week, does exactly what it says on the tin.  Access to miles of sandy beach that then gives way to craggy coastline is right outside the back gate.   There's a track that was historically used by customs officer s to keep an eye on nautical to-ing and fro-ing. No doubt local wreckers might have used it too.  Today it makes a great cycle path and I've been taking solitary trips out whilst Louis hangs out around the campsite with his mates. Everybody's happy!

My favourite little jaunt takes in the picturesque little port at Kerity.  I then whizz past a myriad of lighthouses at St Pierre before reaching the wonderfully named Chappelle de la Joie where I've taken to stopping awhile, gazing at its beautiful modern stained glass window and contemplating my navel.....and other things.  My mind has been working overtime on dreams and schemes this fortnight I can tell you. We leave here today and I'll be missing my little coastal bicyclette trips but  I've spotted lots of motorhome stops along the way  to use when the campsite is shut. Its got me thinking about a childfree return to the area later in the autumn, with the bike on the back of the van of course.

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  1. What a glorious window. I am rather partial to stain glass myself!