Friday, 5 September 2014

A New Era

Nigh on twelve years I went out for a meal in Plymouth with a gang of girlies but was too exhausted to continue clubbing into the wee small hours with the rest of them . Even though I like a dance in other venues, night clubs are not my particular bag.   So I went back to Salty Dog's boat alone. Snuggled up in the biggest berth I felt the waves rocking the boat and Lou's little kicks like butterflies against the walls off my tummy for the first time.   I must have been about four months pregnant.   Lou used to startle after that when the fire alarm went off at work. It hardly seems like yesterday and now he's up to my shoulder.  In a moment we'll be leaving for his first day at senior school.  Doesn't he look ever so grown up? He's ever so taken with that blazer.

It's not my style to shed a tear as I wave him off at the gate.  I'm no Walter Softy.    I will however have a big cheesy grin on my face.  You'll have guessed that I'm ever so proud. I was told last week that he was a credit to me by someone who met him on holiday.  That means more than anything else I've achieved in life.  He's as bright as a button and has overcome the problems that his specific learning difficulties present.  But it's more than that.  What warms the cockles of my heart the most is that I live with the happiest person that I've ever come across. He's a well-rounded, inquisitive child who is kind and considerate, particularly to little children. He rubs along with most people,  is self-confident, emotionally intelligent and not at all sheep-like. My boy is very much his own person. And he is really funny which counts for a lot in my book.

Let's counter all this sugariness. Lou is way naughtier than I ever was at his age but terribly bad at covering his tracks.  He tells great big porkie pies often and badly and will argue the toss until sometimes I'm incandescent with rage.  He's also the untidiest creature on this planet although I think that there are loads of mums out there who would find me challengers for this title.  I think you're getting the picture that he's only really angelic when fast asleep.  There's got to be devil spawn somewhere. After all he doesn't like marmite.

We're starting a new phase of his life that lasts the next seven years after which he'll emerge as a grown up.  I know that time will fly by
 and I'm wondering what my boy will be like when he leaves school at eighteen.  Fingers crossed that all those good traits will still be intact!  He may even have developed that all important liking for yeast extract!


  1. What a wonderful post. You've done good so far, I can see this young man taking a career path of his choosing, and his mum behind him every step of the way.

  2. I've packed my lad off to secondary school this week too, looking similarly grown up to Louis. He's come back from school every day happy and slightly cheekier. Hope Louis has a great start to Year 7 too.

  3. Okay guys I'll admit to slightly damp eyes as I pulled away in the car and glimpsed Lou going through the school gates in my driver's mirror x

  4. I hope Louis enjoys his time at his new school. You are right that time will fly - they grow up and change so quickly once they start secondary school, and college, and uni it seems!

  5. The time will fly by. Mine starts sixth form college on Monday! He looks very smart.

  6. Sounds like you have every right to be proud…of him, and yourself ! He looks to be a delightful young man. I brought up 3 boys, the youngest is now 27 , and actually he became a horrid teenager for a few years, but the first term at uni turned him back to the lovely man he is now.