Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Big Fat Grumpy Grey Clouds

For Louis the transition to senior school life has been rather easy and thankfully he's loving it.  For me, there's been a change in routine which I'm struggling with and I'm not my usual sunny self.  Not sleeping terribly well due to a mind full of ideas and the muzzy head and sore throat that suggests there's a humdinger of a cold coming on doesn't help either.

When Lou was at junior school our day started in a lovely meandering kind of way.  I'd pop downstairs at 6:30, make an enormous cuppa and then snuggle back in bed to blog and do the Guardian crossword and quiz. I'd surface to make the porridge at around quarter to eight, a very chilled Mummy Bear indeed.   For me, that constituted a pretty perfect start to set me up for a working day.

On the days that I have Lou with me that is no more.  He has to be out of the door at 7:30 to catch the school bus and consequently things are rather more rushed.  I'm doing lots of nagging to get him away on time.  This is not conducive to the peaceful, harmonious environment I try to create in our home.
Our evenings are then filled with homework which is impossible to complete if there's an after school activity. Louis started orienteering club yesterday and as I have to collect him we both didn't make it home until after seven.   A joint effort of an essay about William Morris didn't get finished until after nine and there's still stuff outstanding in the homework book. Sports kit seems to need washing daily so the schoold doesn't suffer from stinky locker syndrome.   There's so much printing going on that toner is running out at an unprecedented rate.    And  don't talk to me about  requests for money.  Every day seems to bring a new expense that I hadn't envisaged, some extra books there.  Scary Secretary and I agreed that it's quite hard to budget for all the little things that schools have up their sleeve.

I don't reckon I'm alone in being a parent who find all this change difficult.  It's going to get easier I know once I've got used to the new routines.  Hopefully the endless spendless might calm down a bit too.   But for the meantime, beware!   I'm allowing myself a day or two of unsurpassed grumpiness. Baah humbug indeed!


  1. Same here- we are shelling out money hand over fist at the moment. When my son started senior school I sourced some spare PE kit and a blazer via freecycle as he was always getting mucky in one lesson or another. Does the school have any 2nd hand uniform available. It does ease the washing a bit. Someone suggested making a week's worth of sarnies on a Sunday night so all you have to do is defrost them. It does settle down and no I never contributed to the school fund. That's what I pay my taxes for.
    Things will get a bit easier. Arilx

  2. Glad to hear that Louis is happy at his new school.

  3. I read elsewhere about school extortion and letters that seldom make it home at the appropriate time. It was not like that when I was at school - or, in fact, my daughter. I do wish you well m'dear!