Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dal To Die For

One of my favourite ways of socialising  is sharing food. To celebrate the end of Little Wren's placement and her success at getting a job with our team, Barbie Nurse invited us all over to her Brixham home for curry night last night. We all brought a dish to the banquet. Now I'll admit I can sometimes come up with the odd grandiose idea or two. There's a bag of hardly used chapati flour in my store cupboard, an impulse purchase from Lidl.  I said that I would make flatbread for us all as my contribution. However, just in the nick of time I got cold feet and baled out.  Thank goodness I saw the light.  Making enough chapati for twenty people would have been a gargantuan task.

Back along, while I was driving around Devon's lanes there was a recipe spot on Woman's Hour where masoor dal, a spicy lentil dish with lots of ginger, garlic, onions and tomatoes was made in the studio.  It was a personal family recipe of Meera Sodha and sounded gorgeous.  I decided that making a big pot of this would be a much more attainable feat.  So I got out a couple of big pans, sharpened my onion slicing knife and made three times the quantity of the original recipe.

And here it is.  Providing this link saves me writing it out all over again.  I didn't have any cloves so missed this optional ingredient out.  I also cut the amount of chilli powder to about half of the quantity advised.  I recall that Jenni Murray might have found the dal a bit hot when she tried it and I too can be a bit of a wuss on the spicing front.  You won't see me tucking into a vindaloo anytime soon.

I have to say it was blooming delicious and I got lots of compliments about my culinary skills.  As the dal was easy-peasy to make I must let Ms Sodha have all the credit.  It'll definitely be one of the cheap simple dishes that I'll be adding to my regular cooking repetoire.  I did try taking a picture of my creation but it didn't do the dish justice. Lumpy brown stuff isn't very photogenic.  So instead here's a picture of a pea-like lentil plant for your botanical education!


  1. This is a happy coincidence - I've been looking for an easy dal recipe and this one fits the bill. Many thanks.

  2. That sounds like an excellent recipe, thanks for posting the link.