Saturday, 6 September 2014

Houses on Wheels: The Way Forward?

I want to share something inspirational that popped into my mailbox courtesy of StumbleUpon the other day.  It's a wheeled trailer just 8 feet 6 inches wide.  Plans to build this timber clad delight are available to buy on the tinyhousebuild website.  'Eight feet six!' I hear some of you cry out.  'That would leave no room for that eccentric British sport of cat swinging!' Yet on the tiny house blog, the owner Gabrielle writes:

'To our surprise we have not felt, at any point, that we have had to make any compromises or sacrifices in our self designed and built home. Not once have we felt that our space was too small, that our needs weren’t luxuriously met, or that we didn’t have enough space to run our home business, entertain, cook, bathe, watch movies, play guitar, wrestle with our dog, or store our clothes and belongings. Not once have we been uncomfortable, hurt our backs in the lofts, struggled on our stairs, felt like our fridge or kitchen sink was too small, or felt that we didn’t have enough space for an item.'

These are reassuring words indeed to someone who is on the cusp of launching herself into small space living albeit on a tryout basis.

Photo: Guardian
Now here's another 'home' that's just seven foot wide. As it goes back some and has two storeys there's way more living space than the gorgeous house on wheels above.  It was reported in the Guardian that this was will go up for auction at the beginning of October and is expected to be sold for more than its guide price of £235,000.  If you click through on the link under the photo you'll see that living in it would be a very gloomy prospect indeed.  Even with clever architectural intervention, which would cost a packet, someone's going to have a hard job making it homely.  Give me my motorhome that's a full six inches narrower, just one storey and way less lengthy any day. The clever design and quality of light within the living space make living in it a far more attractive prospect. And I can move it around and choose views from my windows that are going to way nicer than a North London street.


  1. How exciting for you. Dan's grandparents lived in a caravan for over 30 years, it was brilliant.

  2. I would quite happily live in a caravan and before the kids came along we toyed with the idea of living on a canal boat. DH not keen on the idea these days, but we are seriously thinking of buying a camper van as neither of us work during the summer. We like the idea of travelling for 6 weeks. Our son is autistic and hates staying in hotels or cottages, to a point we often have to leave early. That trailer looks amazing!