Thursday, 11 September 2014

Klaus the Knaus: An Update

'Your van needs a name.'  I was told during a boozy gathering  in a very trendy Bongo on a French motorhome aire with a couple from the Midlands.  Thanks to the quantity of wine consumed I can't quite remember what their vehicle was called but I know she was a girl.  Proof indeed that you don't need a very big space at all to party. My van is definitely a boy and a German one at that. So with a little thought I've  belatedly christened my favourite hunk of metal on wheels with a suitably macho name from his home country.

Each and every day something is happening behind the scenes to make the move into Klaus a reality. Yesterday I begun to weed my wardrobe to a degree never seen before.  I am being ruthless making decisions about the clothes I keep.  After all van space is restricted and storage is too expensive to keep stuff that I could never wear again.  Lots will go to charity.  It looks like the Salvation Army, who poked a collection bag through my door, will prosper greatly from this exercise.  After all, don't they have a history of looking after homeless people and officially I will be joining that tribe?

What was more  exciting was a visit from the upholsterer who did lots of measuring, worked out how much material is needed and who has now been given the go ahead to revamp Klaus' twenty year old tatty cushions and coverings. Ninety minutes or so was spent poring over fabric samples and discounting the ones that looked like they'd be better suited to covering chairs in a residential home.  I go in a few of them as part of my job so I know what I'm talking about.

When faced with soft furnishing gorgeousness a decision is hard to make and I'm still undecided.  Do I go with the Aztec inspired Maya design or the Greek key patterned Santorini in this lovely green or maybe turquoise?  Or there's a really funky plain denim coloured chenille that would set off my existing throws a treat,  The upholsterer is going to send me a picture of a yacht where the same fabric has been used.   Whatever I choose I'll go a teensy bit over planned budget but sometimes it's worth stumping up a bit of extra cash.  After all my investment will give me years of pleasure as I'm hoping that Klaus will take me on my travels for a few years yet.


  1. My friend's daughter juts married a man called Klaus!

  2. ..he's worth it. Good luck with your plans, how exciting for you.

  3. Th Santorini would look fantastic in turquoise...but then again, the Aztec design is a timeless classic, which looks restful and very hardwearing...I can hear my Nan saying 'That one won't show the dirt!' Not that you will have any dirt...but maybe louis might?! And it would match your slippers!