Monday, 22 September 2014

Let The Decluttering Begin!

Here's the two bags of books that I took into work on Friday to be sold in aid of the hospital's charity.  I had to overcome the strong urge to do an impression in the car park of that bloke from Viz with the unfeasibly large testicles.  Just in time I remembered that I was an upstanding member of my profession and perhaps outside my workplace wasn't the time or the place for comedic acts involving deformed manly bits.  It's a really good job that those frontal lobes in my brain do actually kick in and start working before some of the madder ideas that pop into my head are actually executed. There could be a whole lot of trouble otherwise!

So the big clear  out of Lovelygrey Cottage has started in preparation for the time a few weeks away when most of its contents go into storage.   It seems a bit stupid to keep stuff that is unlikely to be used. No room will be spared. The books had all been given to me and sat under the lid of my bedside table. It dawned on me  that seeing that I have never been a fan of detective fiction or a few of the other genres represented in my literary stash, some of them would never ever be read.  So out they went.  A cull of clothes followed on Saturday morning. I'd like to think that I will soon fit into the jeans that I wore ten years ago but it may be wishful thinking.  Even if I do I'm more

of a dress and skirt kind of girl these days and they'd probably still be unworn, taking up valuable drawer space.  So I've been as ruthless as I've ever been whilst having a sort out.  Eight bin bags were manhandled into the local hospice charity shop.

There are going to be many others who will gain from this shedding of stuff.  The local charity shops are likely to have a field day and I'm going to make some freecyclers rather happy too.  A few of my friends may well receive a surprise gift.  After all one man's junk is another's treasure.    But as ownership brings responsibility the converse might be that less possessions bring more freedom.  As this angel card that I keep drawing suggests, the biggest beneficiary from this exercise in simplification could well be me!


  1. I think the move is an excellent adventure!!! Ultimate downsizing!!! Less is always more. Once day..... Go for it!!! Have a fantastic move!

  2. We ended up giving most of our furniture away, but have never regretted it. Even if/when we settle down again, we will just buy what we need to for whatever place we have (if that makes sense). I did sell some bits, but for pennies, my craft stuff was the only thing I ever remotely miss (still have plenty of wool in the van for crochet and fabric waiting to be made into patchwork in the storage unit) but as I was always a kind of 'buy that now to use later on' kind of girl, there is nothing I have had to rebuy. Are you still making your jewellery? What crafty stuff will you be taking with you (or will you do like me and leave it in storage)?

  3. Well done, you have great strength of character!