Thursday, 25 September 2014

Like Son Like Mother

This grainy, dark old selfie makes me laugh and will be a reminder of an excellent Mummy/Boy moment in years to come in spite of its poor quality.  It was taken last month at twilight on my favourite beach at Ster Greich in Southern Brittany where we'd parked up for a couple of nights.  Lou and I were mucking about.  You'd never have guessed would you?  Even though I look jovial I have to point out that my life was in considerable danger.  That thing tied under my nose is Louis'  two day old used sock that I'd failed to wrestle off him after twenty four hours as bedtime foot covering now seems to be de rigueur  whatever the weather.  In summer that makes it an incredibly noxious thing indeed!

With September comes more serious pursuits.  I'm back to tying my head in knots with Master's study and Lou has nearly finished three weeks at his new school.  Tuesday was a 'quick off the mark' parents' evening  to iron out problems early on.   Nothing major was highlighted.  Phew! According to his nonplussed form teacher Louis is very cheerful but disorganised.  Wonder who he gets that from?

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