Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mice Have Spirit Guides Too!

Just after I'd blogged yesterday I spotted this picture which tickled me and cleared  that grumpiness away. A gift from my own angels of the non furry variety to cheer me up maybe?  All I know is that it turned out to be rather a good day with a fair modicum of fun and laughter. Not bad for a working day.

I've also confirmed my moving date and hired a removal man who will look after my furniture at a cost that's way more reasonable than the first quote that I given.  It pays to shop around. The costs of my campsite and storage are now well within budget and mean that there's lots of money left over each month for saving and travels.

I am by nature a happy  hopeful soul who expects good things to happen and guess what?  They do so very often!   I have to warn you though that adopting this approach can really piss pessimists off big time.  Silliness normally does a good job at dispelling the dark clouds when they threaten to gather overhead.  Gloom and doom doesn't hang around for long.  To be in possession of a heightened sense of the ridiculous is a very precious gift indeed.

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  1. Good for you! That picture made me laugh too. We have bats in our eaves and have become quite attached to them, it's always a bit sad when they leave for the autumn and I worry about them when they are late returning in spring. I know....I need to get out more! Good luck with your moving.