Saturday, 20 September 2014

Motorhome Living: Questions, Questions, Questions

Granted, it isn't every day that a full-time working mum decides to give up a conventional bricks and mortar house voluntarily. No wonder it's whetted some people's curiosity.  Here's some of the questions that I've been asked.

Q:  Aren't you going to be cold?
A:  This is by far the commonest one.  Bless you all for thinking about my well-being.  You really shouldn't worry though.   The van is tiny so it will warm up easily with the help of a small heater.  It's insulated for use in ski resorts so can be toasty even if there's an icy Arctic blast.  My electric costs are part and parcel of the pitch fees so there's no problem about turning the thermostat up a notch or two if it gets more nippy.  And in a power cut I can revert to gas central heating powered from my propane supply.

Q: Why are you putting yourself through this?
A: I'm doing it because I've wanted to for ages and I'm aware that I'm more likely to regret the things in life that I didn't get round to. There really isn't going to be much self-sacrifice involved.  I love life's little luxuries and don't intend to forego them.

Q: Won't you miss having a proper toilet?
A:  Duh! What do you think I am?  Some kind of weirdo who loves donning black rubber gloves and carting around tanks full of wee and poo, some of which won't even be my own bodily waste .  Of course I will but it's a job that's over quickly and is a small price to pay.

Q:  Are you stark raving mad?
A: No, I'm absolutely certain that I'm way more sane than lots of rat race dwellers.  The decision to live in the van is a carefully thought out product of a sound mind and not some irrational impulsive act.

Q: How is Louis going to do his homework?
A: On the table at the back of the van or lounging on his bed.  The latter is my preferred place to study.  We'll have Wi-Fi access for online assignments and research.  I'm not getting why this one is being seen as a problem.  How much space does a kid need to do a bit of maths?

Q: Won't you miss having a garden?
A: Are you joking!  I'm more  notorious than Freddy Krueger in the plant world.  Nothing lives long around me. I've even killed mint! Let other gentle green fingered people do the landscape gardening bit and I'll enjoy the benefits of their hard labour.

Q: Won't you and Louis kill each other cooped up in that small space?
A: Nope, we've tried and tested small space living together and it will be fine.  It's a rare occasion when we spend all day at home anyway. We're both too sociable and outdoor loving for that.

Q: Won't you be lonely?
A: No, unless I'm housebound through illness or injury I don't do lonesomeness.  I'm a sociable soul who seeks out people easily and I'm happy with lots of my own company as well.

Q: How are you going to have sex in there?
A: Bejesus!   Don't you get asked some personal stuff?  There's been more than one person whose quizzed me about this.  Seeing that I'm single and not a wanton strumpet, as Brian called Jennifer on 'The Archers' the other day, it's not currently an issue.  If I'm tempted to become one and the mood takes me I'm sure I'll work something out pretty easily.  After all don't the mile high club operate in spaces rather more restrictive than a six metre long motorhome?  Some things are definitely meant to be kept private so there'll be no kiss and tell if I figure it out.  It's not that kind of blog I'll have you know!

Q: What happens if you find that it is all one great big mistake?
A: I'll turn to Rightmove and choose myself a house to move into.  Simples!

If anyone else has any burning questions about moving into a motorhome that they need answering, pop them in the comments section.  You might even get a response!


  1. I like your spirit of adventure and well done for living the dream. We used to have a little 2 berth caravan which I loved and could quite happily lived in. Towing was a pain though and we eventually bought a 3 bedroom static which our grown kids and their families can use for holidays and weekend breaks too. It's just not the same. A motorhome would be the perfect solution. You go for it girl,'s not like it's your only option.

    1. Now towing is a whole different scary ballgame!

  2. Sounds great to me ( apart from the toilet issue!) Is Louis excited about it too? Is he with you full time or does he spend time with his Dad?

    1. Louis is excited but is sad to be saying goodbye to the Jacuzzi bath! His friends are already booking up sleepovers.. He lives with his Dad who 's will be about 3 miles away half the time. That will be a factor that gives us both breathing space. x

  3. I hope you don't mind me adding to this debate, but I can honestly say we have been 'full-timing' since March 2012 and still love it. My husband and I spent two periods of around 6 months travelling Europe and have worked on UK campsites during the summer in 2013 and 2014, and are just about to head off into France (& other European areas) for the winter months. Last winter we had a seasonal pitch on a campsite in Hampshire and both managed to get some temporary work locally to boost our bank account. Our original 'van had an overcab bed but 5 months ago we did change it for a slightly different design which gives us a fixed bed and more permanent table area. Just to reassure your readers that we have NOT go without sex for this time, and have obviously not killed each other yet either!! We have met quite a few people who are doing similar both in caravans and motorhomes so it really is not as unusual as most people think. It was about three years ago when you introduced me to the concept of aires in France, which we have used many times (I would have used them more but hubby is a little more wary), so I say very good luck to you and I hope you not only save plenty of money, but enjoy the experience and I shall keep updated of your progress. p.s. we have used a driveaway awning this summer for extra storage. I don't know if I would risk one in the winter months (apart from the weather they do get very damp inside) but may have one spare next summer.

  4. Ah so encouraging Alison. Thanks for this. I know that I am happiest on my van so it should work. xxx