Friday, 26 September 2014

No Fear!

Do I care about what others think about me?  Of course I do.  I'd worry if they thought that I was inconsiderate, hurtful, rude or impacting on their lives detrimentally because of my own behaviour or that of my son. For what Louis does reflects, to some degree, on how I parent him.  I wouldn't like to be thought of as smelly either.  Even when others resort to perfunctory wet wipe washes at festivals and in the wilderness, I'm  there being fastidious with my soap, deodorant and perfume.  I even take my chances on US hiking trails in spite of the fact that my US friends have warned me about the alleged bear attracting qualities of fragrance. I just have to be clean!

But do I mind if other people judge me harshly because of my appearance, background, what I believe or the lifestyle choices I make? Well, in the words of the incorrigible Rhett Butler,  'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn'.

It's taken me a long time to get around to this way of thinking but as fifty approaches I'm not doing badly.  I have enough self-love and supportive friends and family who are right behind me to be able to ignore those who have a less rosy opinion based on their own attitudes and assumptions. And I wonder if they're a very small minority.  No-one so far has been terribly scathing of my 'living in my motorhome' project, for example.  Those who've expressed views against it so far have only done so because they are expressing concern about my comfort and not because they are expressing derogatory ideas.

I liked this article that I read the other day about overcoming the fear of what others think.  Doing this is such an important step to take toward being the person that you want to be.    There's wisdom here that I've already taken on board.  I thought that someone somewhere out there might find it helpful too!


  1. Great article. You will always get people that will question what we do and make unfair assumptions about us. Maybe we all do it to a certain degree, but being able to rise above it and get on with our lives regardless is a wonderful thing. I think it gets easier as I get older but every now and then I still stumble with self doubt and worry.