Tuesday, 30 September 2014

No Going Back. Gulp!

This is the  lovely squishy vinyl which arrived yesterday that's going on the floor of Klaus, my motorhome.   Those small beige spots are on a silvery background which will help keep that interior looking light and spacious  Teamed with the green Santorini upholstery fabric that I finally decided on after much poring over fabric samples, it's going to look well funky and retro.   It's way off the nautical theme that I originally envisaged for the makeover but aren't minds just made for changing?

Events dear boy, which are motorhome move related, are now  happening on a pretty much daily basis.  On some, things that I've ordered arrive in the post and I get all excited and do little dances of glee. On other days I may pop into the van and move stuff around, do little bits of DIY or put my plotting and scheming down on paper.  Yesterday though  I did a really important job.  The letter terminating my tenancy was written and once Louis has left to catch the school bus I'll be nipping to the letting agents office to post it.  It's a  big landmark that means that my radical move is going to happen.   I really will be saying farewell to bricks and mortar in just a month's time.  Yikes!


  1. Love the flooring and the fabric. No - no going back now, just keep going, keep looking forward.

  2. It'll look fab, My friend has just bought an old VW camper van and she's going to decoupage the table with old maps!

  3. Full steam ahead then, how thrilling!