Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Photo: Neil Kennedy
There are churches and chapels where I have like to hang around because I sense an extra special dose of sanctity in the air.  The cathedral at Wells is one such place where I got hit on my visits by those feelings of awe and wonderment.  Nearer home the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrement at Buckfast Abbey, with this modernistic stained glass window designed by the monks, does the trick.  I pop in there sometime to top up the calm.  When in France I've found peace in smaller churches like the simple Chapelle del la Joie that I discovered on the Breton coast. The church in the middle of Roscoff is another of my meditative haunts.

I am sensitive to how places feel and have chosen my homes bearing this in mind.   Even in  places where the atmosphere is generally good I've noticed that this can be temporarily  disrupted, say if a person is unpleasant when they visit.  Residual tension seems to hang around for a while after they've left the premises as well.

I hope  visitors to Lovelygrey Cottage get good vibes here. I've tried to create a happy, safe place where people can relax and share with me and Lou.   One of the reasons I believe that it feels good here is that it is relatively clean, tidy and uncluttered.  It's not been Feng Shunned to within an inch of its life because I know diddly squat about the system.  What I do know is that a tidy ordered house reflects my brain state.  It works both ways. If I'm stressed the house soon looks like a small tsunami has passed through. Conversely a cluttered, untidy environment causes me to get fretful.

Packing up a home to move inevitably causes disorder.  So I'm being extra specially careful to preserve a little bit of sanctuary at a time when bits of the house, because of the sorting and packing process already look as if a bomb has gone off.  My bedroom has been cleared in advance of the other room.    All extraneous clutter has now been cleared.  It'll will be my little haven where I can shut the door on all the chaos over the next few weeks and study, sleep and make plans for a much simpler small space future.


  1. Definitely good vibes when we visited!
    I used to find it really hard to function when things weren't just-so. I had to make sure things were tidy when I was studying or I couldn't concentrate. I find things much easier these days, but I think that's because this house was horrible when we moved in, and we were constantly renovating for 2 years.
    Good luck with the rest of the packing up. xx

  2. Although I have finally come to terms with being an athiest I have a fascination with churches. Last year I studied the reformation as part of my degree and really began to understand the huge importance of the visual space of churches, it gave people a sense of calm in a pretty uncertain and hostile world. Good luck with all your plans.