Thursday, 4 September 2014

Slipper Lust

With a radical downsize in living accommodation imminent now is not the time to be developing an Imelda Marcos shoe habit! However I can't get these  slippers by Mahabis out of my head since I had a rare mad moment of wanton consumerism and clicked on their ad on Facebook.  They look uber-cosy with their breathable grey felt outer, cushioned insole and collapsible back. Where they go beyond  normal indoor footwear is that the rubber sole, which comes in a variety of colours is detachable.   You can pop outside in your slipper without traipsing dirt back into the house (or motorhome!) and it's kind of like having two pairs of shoes in one.  Genius!  Ideal for motorhome living I think.

Such gorgeous design comes at a price.  The slippers aren't cheap at £49 and it seems that the soles are normal sold separately adding an extra £15.  However the link here on the site clicks through to a bundle where the bottoms are free.  


  1. Can't believe I am hankering after designer slippers! I'm a beggar for getting new slippers and vowing to not step foot outside in them but within weeks i'm just popping out to the bin....bad I know. The price tag is a bit steep for me but maybe one day.

  2. I have 'indoor' Crocs and 'outdoor' Crocs, both kept by the front door, no need to drag in nasties from outside.