Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Cupboard Has Got To Be Bare

Right!  It's all guns firing now.  M-Day, which is one I move out of my house into Klaus, the six metre legend on wheels has been set for 29th October.  The first campsite that I will stay in has a pitch reserved near the back gate where, five minutes down the lane, a pub is refurbished for my ale supping pleasure.  Klaus' makeover is well beyond the planning stage.  Upholstery material has been ordered and lino samples requested and there's just under six weeks to get Lovelygrey Cottage ready for  handing the keys back to the letting agents. That means a bit of decorating, cleaning, of course, packing and lots of decluttering.  My idea of what I need materially in my life is being drastically revised.

As a keen cook I have bountiful store cupboards so that I can pluck out exotic ingredients at my leisure without the need for a supermarket trip to source something weird and wonderful. Don't Jamie and the like recommend that? It's not how it is going to be in the motorhome. Space limitations mean that staples that can be kept ready and waiting for cheffy whims are going to be cut drastically.  It's going to take a bit of thought as to what really constitutes a culinary essential.  Sunflower and olive oil are on the list as are a few herbs, spices, stock cubes and sugar for the sweet toothed visitors. They'll be jumbo oats for breakfast and plain flour for pancakes and the odd baking experiment.  Oh and of course Marmite for me and Nutella for Lou.  Beyond that everything will be bought on an 'as and when basis' and ingredients used up pronto so that they don't hang around taking up valuable cupboard room.  I'll reckon I'll be expanding my cooking repertoire by researching recipes to use up dry goods left over from.

In the time before my move I have set myself the 'Old Mother Hubbard' challenge.  My cupboards containing two years worth of hoarded 'essentials' have to be emptied.  I'll be using up a load of stuff bought for one off  recipes.  The fayre served up in my final weeks at Lovelygrey Cottage  might be more unusual than it has been of late.  For instance, thanks to my now defunct lusting over Paul Hollywood there's an awful lot of white cornmeal of ground to various grade to get through.  I'm going to have to be really creative with that.   Expect some wacky recipes coming to a blog near you shortly!


  1. Wow that's some cupboard. Will look forward to seeing what you will do with it all.

  2. Not my cupboard.It's a Microsoft Clipart picture. Mine is not quite this bad, thank goodness! x

  3. I was talking about you to someone the other day. she has a camping car and they go come to France for weeks at a time. I asked her what she did for hobbies, crafting and she said knitting, sewing etc. I am watching your life change with interest becaise it is something I would love to do when we retire, but to travel around rather than in one place.
    Look forward to reading your future exploits