Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Those Few Little Extras

Yesterday evening I visited the local campsite three miles down the road from Lovelygrey Cottage to have a recce and a chat.  It's a goer!  I came clean with the owner that I was intending to effectively make myself homeless and that the van would become my main home.  The cost will be less than half of my current rent with no community charge, water rates, electricity or telephone charges.   It's directly on the route of Louis' school bus. He'll just hop on a stop before the one near his Dad's house when he's staying with me. The next step is to suss out the cost of storage of my home contents. We're definitely moving in the right direction towards the nomadic lifestyle that I would kick myself later in life if I had not tried it out.

The reaction to my decision to live in my motorhome has been mixed to say the least. Some, including my darling friend Salty Dog have been really enthusiastic. She was based on a boat for three years and thinks that living in limited space with fewer possessions lends itself to enhancing creativity and resourcefulness.   In fact she's tempted to buy her own gaffe on wheels and park up alongside!  At the other end of the spectrum there's the 'are you bloody mad?' brigade and those who are genuinely concerned about my wellbeing, particularly as to whether I will be cold and damp.

To these people I want to make one thing clear. I'm not embarking on this venture from the perspective of self denial.  I am a creature that likes my comforts and intend to make things as pleasant as possible for me and Lou.  The van is insulated for alpine skiing and will be toastie warm with just a small electric heater. Some funky interior redesign is also planned before I embark on this project to put in a bit more shelving and spruce up tired twenty year old upholstery and flooring.  Of course it was necessary to deprive myself of life's little luxuries on past wilderness hikes when reducing pack weight is paramount in order to obtain access to nature at its most pristine. Paring down possession to the bare minimum won't be required in the van. Although I've been doing some reading about vehicular payload, the ability to carry stuff with grinding pitifully to a halt, there's still a bit of room for bits and pieces over and above what I'd take on holiday. There will be everything I need - and more.

There'll be lots of cosy cushions and blankets, the toaster for bagels and eh yes, toast, some extra lighting for atmosphere and practicality and the slow cooker so that I can come home to stew and dumplings on a cold winter's night.  I'm sorely tempted to fork out for one of these Remoskas too, the Czech tabletop cooker that Lakeland sell which seems to have a huge following of adoring fans.  There's no oven in the van so this will expand my cooking repetoire to include roasts, cakes and baked potatoes.   Does this sound like deprivation?  I  hope that I've gone some way to reassuring those who've been having a bit of a worry that my life will be good.  Very good indeed!


  1. I think it's a fantastic idea. Best of luck with it LG. Arilx

  2. Good luck. Hope everything works out for you. I really admire you for following through on your dreams.

  3. We think it sounds wonderful, and we are a tad envious! xx

  4. I have a Remoska and haven't used my conventional oven for months. You can cook a whole meal at a time for very little energy. Go for it!

  5. Have a great time when you do it.

    Rather than the Remoska, why not consider


    I believe it uses far less elecrticity.