Sunday, 28 September 2014

Using It Up

Here's the very lovely Salty Dog and I getting to grips with reducing my store cupboard essentials to a bare minimum yesterday. Somehow we made inroads into my wine supply too during our girlie night in! Here, we're  using up the last of the chapati flour in my kitchen.  I've posted the incredibly easy recipe for these Indian flatbreads before.  Oh, and the one for the dal we ate them with that used up some of my red lentil supply.  I've been eating this combo for the last four evenings.  It's so yummy I didn't get fed up with it.

There's been more action to ensure that the cupboard is bare before I move into the van at the end of next month.  I had the tin of Ambrosia rice that I won from the tombola at the Scout Christmas Fayre last year.  Blimey, that stuff was made for a tooth that is way sweeter than mine.  I've donated a whole lot of jam and marmalade to Salty Dog. Gawd knows how I've collected the stuff along the way. I certainly don't buy it.

With just three small cupboards and a teenier fridge than the one in a domestic kitchen I'm going to have to rethink what really constitutes a kitchen essential that's worth dedicating space too.  Salt, pepper, carefully considered spices and olive and sunflower oil will have a home as will tea, coffee marmite and nutella for Lou.  They'll be breakfast porridge of course and in the fridge they'll be cheddar, milk, butter, eggs and bacon.  I'll store potatoes, onions and carrots under the seat at the back of the van.  A tub of plain flour will come in handy.

All those ingredients that usually lurk in cupboards for months waiting to be used will have to be banished.  There's no room for three types each of pasta and rice.  What I'm thinking might be the solution is to shop little and often and use up, say a bag of risotto rice over three or four consecutive meals by adding different ingredients each time,  We're just going to have to see how it goes!


  1. Strict meal planning! No problem. Stores for cooking- herbs, spices etc that would be my down fall.

    Terribly exciting.

  2. Will you be using an enclosed awning where you can store things in big plastic boxes? Sals view.

    1. No awning Sal. I want to be able to head off for the weekend with minimal fuss. I think I've thought of an innovative storage space where I can put my sewing machine, jewellery tools and ski gear though. More soon! x