Sunday, 14 September 2014

Warning To Scotland!

I like the occasional tot of a single malt.  AnCnoc is my particular favourite.  According to the company's website it has a honey and lemon nose and an appetising fruitiness to its taste.  I don't know about all that  Oz  Clarke-like lingo but it's dead yummy.   If Scotland leave the rest of the UK though I might well have to review my whisky buying habits and start buying tipple that's originated from a different place.  This is what I spotted in the farm shop at Healey's where the Little Orchard Cider Festival is held.  At £175 for a  limited edition 500ml bottle, Cornish whiskey would have to be saved as an extra, extra special treat but it may be a small price to pay for patriotism.  Until Cornwall jumps the Good Ship UK as well that is!

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  1. cornish whisky??? ann from edinburgh