Friday, 12 September 2014

Way Weird Reiki

I've put off blogging about something that happened last week at the risk of sounding stark raving mad.  Colleagues, though, experienced community psychiatric nurses, have volunteered their verdict about my mental state, independent of this event, in the last couple of days.  They have unanimously pronounced that I am not insane but undoubtedly eccentric. They reassure me that is a good thing and indeed a compliment!

Healing sessions with Reiki Ray  continue on a monthly basis.   I reckon I've become progressively calmer, contented and more balanced as a consequence.   Ray begins by channelling energy through my body from my feet.  I can actually feel it pulsing up and down. Honest! Then he starts the reiki proper by  working on energy centres through the body starting at the  head.  On the last occasion something weird happened. He'd moved up to the crown but I could still feel hands working on my feet.  I opened my eyes just in case some alternative therapy loving intruder had entered Lovelygrey Cottage unannounced.  There was no-one to be seen in spite of the fact that I could still feel a person moving their hands over my toes, soles and heels   'There's someone else working on my feet!' I told Ray.  He seemed non plussed 'Is it an angel?' I asked.  'Could be.' he replied.  'Or it might be a dead relative helping out'. In spite of the oddness of the situation I didn't feel at all spooked.

A bit of Googly research has suggested that this might be a common experience during reiki sessions and one explanation is that spirit guides help out in sessions.  The very rational part of my brain is pooh-poohing that idea.  Perhaps it was the weight of the blanket covering my tootsies.  It doesn't explain though the fact that I felt movement from whatever was touching me and variation in pressure of touch.  I think that I've just got to realise that some things just can't be explained away in conventional scientific terms.  Maybe I've just got to sit back and be accepting when those curious and curiouser things happen.


  1. Weird…I wonder if it will happen next time….do let us know.

  2. From one eccentric Dame to another it all sounds quite normal to me. If it's working for you we don't need to necessarily understand how it's working. In my experience energy manifests itself in many different ways.