Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Keeping That Feeling of Being in France!

We came back from France last Sunday but I'm trying to extend that feeling of being back there on holiday in a way where I'm just seen as wonderfully imaginative rather than completely deluded. There's a fine line to be trodden here! I extended the time that I wore the band allowing me to use the campsite  facilities until a couple of days ago.  It adorned my hippy-ish wrist with my loom bands and I pretended that I still had access to a pool within spitting distance  When the urge to nibble takes me,  there's still exotic cheese in the fridge  and a big bottle of the lovely vanilla tinged Breton made Breizh cola for sharing with Lou  And of course breakfast porridge wouldn't be right now if it wasn't topped with a healthy squirt of the salty caramel coulis that I discovered on a previous trip in May.  I must fathom out the recipe for that so that I can knock up my own version.

Last night my musings took me back to my favourite beach at Ster Greich where I picked some of the biggest sloes that I've ever come across.  They had a crease in them like little plums. Now the French are voracious foragers but I don't think sloe gin is in their repetoire. If it was I think that they'd have been fighting over these beauties.  'Ce n'est pas bon' said a man to his companion as he observed my activities.  'Ha, what do you know, matey boy!' I thought to myself.  My digestif will have provenance.

Yesterday I nipped into Newton Abbot before work to procure a big bottle of  cheap gin.  'Now that's what I call breakfast' said the bloke on the checkout at Asda when he caught sight of my litre and a half sized bottle.  Here it is in a Kilner jar with 750g of  sloes, each meticulously pricked with a fork, and 375g sugar.  It'll need a good shake each day for a fortnight to let those juices flow. Then its just a matter of waiting for six months until drinkies time!

And here's another way I'm keeping the memory of France alive and learning the language at the same time.  Ridan, a French singer, who I  first heard in the campsite launderette, has joined the musical family that accompany around the lanes of Devon in my car.

Venez-voir la spectacle d'un conteur de la vie
Tous les soirs de la semaine se joue la grande tragédie
Du drame à la passion, aux fables de La Fontaine
Sur les bords de la Seine se joue la comédie humaine


  1. When we went to France in 1997 we continued by having croissants or some other yummy for a breakfast on a Sunday rather than the normal everyday cereal. It is a tradition we still follow today and is called our "special breakfast".

  2. Are they Sloes or are they Damsons?

    There are lots of recipes online for that coulis, it does sound rather lovely.

  3. Definitely sloes and not damsons. They taste awful! I understand that you can made a drink from those as well. x