Sunday, 21 September 2014

Whoop Whoop! Leonard is 80

Photo: Rama
Happy 80th Birthday Mr Cohen you fedora wearing old sausage!  You don't know it but because of your songs, you've been a wonderful companion to me over the years.   I could not let this occasion pass without thanking you for the inspirational wit, wisdom and humility. Oh and by the way, I've never found your music depressing. In fact the dry humour rather perked me up when I was low.

In the run up to this momentous anniversary my car journeys around the Devon lanes have been accompanied by Leonard non stop once more for I can be an obsessive bugger.  I've relived the concert at the O2  on 'Live in London' where Louis is certain he can hear me cheering.  I was pretty near the stage so maybe he's right.  The bit he refers to certainly sounds like me when I'm a bit excitable.  And I've also been listening to the 2012 album 'Old Ideas'.   Even the familiar can bring new revelations. These beautifully crafted words from 'Show Me The Place' jumped out the other day.  I find it funny that, after dire dry English lessons at school, I still profess to dislike poetry over three decades on.  Perhaps it's time that I revisited  this broad sweeping statement.

The troubles came I saved what I could save 
A thread of light, a particle, a wave
 But there were chains, so I hastened to behave 
There were chains, so I loved you like a slave

In celebration of becoming an octogenarian, a new album 'Popular Problems' comes out on Tuesday. Lucky people in the UK can preview it here before it is released in more manageable formats tomorrow.   Of course I've done this already, several times actually! 'Almost Like the Blues',  'Did I Ever Love You' and 'My Oh My' are the songs that are being put on repeat.  Let's hope that I'll be lucky enough to hear them live at a UK venue soon.


  1. My BIL is a massive LC fan. He went to see him in concert a few years ago and said he gets better with age.

    1. I agree. I'm much more of a fan of Leonard's later music. The stuff from the sixties and seventies (apart from Avalanche) hardly gets a look in!

  2. I was listening to " Old Ideas" only yesterday. Not heard it for ages but there was nothing on the car radio! He has been a favourite of mine for many years, and I have never found him to be depressing….just wonderful songs and music. I have never seen him live as I don't tend to go to big venues. I used to have a video of the " I'm your man" tour, in Greece I think…..he was talking about his life, and it was interspersed by the stage show. Favourite tracks…Dance me to the end of Love. Take this Waltz. Come Healing. Show me the place, and too many more to mention!

  3. "You fedora wearing old sausage" had me laughing my head off.

    I am with you on "Did I Ever Love You" and "My Oh My"............ Roll on Tuesday is what I say!!!

  4. I have loved Leonard Cohen's words on the printed page since I was a teenager; he has the gift!