Monday, 27 October 2014

A Bit of Wondering

Ah, Searching for Sugar Man!  Now there's an interesting movie with a great soundtrack.  It's about Rodriguez, a bloke who sold about nine copies of his album in the US and was just about to disappear into musical oblivion.  But then one of the records ended up being taken to South Africa, got passed round and, as they say today, went viral, no doubt, before that term even existed.  My Afrikaans friend confirmed that the songs became anthems of the anti apartheid era.

Well, that's my little diversion for the day.  Hope you enjoy the tune which has nothing to do with the post. What I'm toying with at the moment, in that busy little noggin of mine, is life in the van, and specifically about the amount of  stuff I've put in there.  I'm thinking back to arriving at the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail with a rucksack full of what I thought were necessities.  Four days later, at the first opportunity, I shed about seven pounds of load, then a bit more at intervals as the weeks left on, until I was left with just what I really needed. Unlike some people there was always a book and I kept a full length handle on my toothbrush. Some weight savings are a step way too far!

What I'm wondering is if my experience of living in the motorhome will be the same.  At the moment the wardrobe is crammed full and somehow the fondue set that went on a weekend trip with me has remained in situ.  Surely I don't need all that stuff!  Wouldn't life be better if I embraced a bit more simplicity.  After all, possessions come with responsibility.  I know that.

In the next few weeks I'll get used to full time van living and work out what I really need and want. Even more trips to the charity shop are envisaged.  Those guys have done well out of me.  I thought that I was thrifty but the act of giving so many things away is making me re-evaluate what I spend money on yet again.  I'm thinking that perhaps, to concentrate on more important things, my material world needs to be much, much simpler.

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  1. In the past, I did lots of cycle's amazing what you find you don't need when you have to carry it all yourself. I never cut off the toothbush handle, either...but my husband did! He had to make space for his cameras somehow!