Saturday, 18 October 2014

Silly Saturday Song

Somewhere along the line, it seems that  my own quirky and sometimes dark sense of humour and Louis' have converged. Yes! No more lame one liners that I have to pretend are funny.   It was a proud moment when he introduced me to the music of Amateur Transplants via Spotify yesterday.  We laughed along together in the car on the way home yesterday. I'm sharing this in case you need a giggle. It might be just the ticket.


  1. Oh I do love their songs! My boyfriend introduced me to their music in the car and I was glad he was driving, they made me laugh so!

  2. Yes! Funny! Thanks, Louis. Another, though very different you may like

  3. Loved it, thanks for that. My eldest son used to introduce me this sort of stuff. It's a great feeling when your boy shares this sort of humour with you.