Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Motorhome Wardrobe

In anticipation of my move  I've had the ultimate of all clear outs.  Many bags of clothes have gone to the charity shop.  More have been put in boxes and can't come with me as they're too bulky, saved for the days when I return to having more accessible storage space.  My rather marvellous embroidered Austrian cardigan comes into that category as does my pink corduroy coat.  Boo hoo!

In the motorhome have three shelves, four hooks and a couple of fabric baskets in which to store an entire wardrobe. That's way more than the 'home on my bag' rucksack from my Appalachian Trail walking days that held just two changes of lightweight clothing.  Even so, a bit of thought has to go into what stays and what goes. Everything scratchy, itchy, holey or uncomfortable has departed.  Long skirts and dresses are unfortunately out as they take up too much space What remains are clothes that are ideal for layering, old favourites and things that have earned their place by being colourful and funky.

Rainwear is a must here in the South West and there's only room on those hooks for one waterproof coat.  I had two, a very dull navy number and my favourite,decade old ,North Face ski jacket.  The problem with that one is that it's short and just sits on the hip. It's fine for snowy peaks but not the best when it comes to protection from those all too common Devonian showers.

So I've treated myself to this Rab Latok Jacket from Cotswold Outdoors, expensive but £100 off its original price and Quidco-ed as well for a further discount.  It stops my bum getting wet, meets all my walking and skiing needs in one and stops me pining quite so much for the corduroy number.  Like every new piece of clothing from now on it's really had to earn its place on that hook in the van!


  1. Hi, not sure how I found your blog - the usual "click here, click there and whoosh, down the rabbit hole".

    Anyway, particularly enjoy your m/home posts; recently found a blog written by a seriously outdoors chap who, whilst not full-timing like you, does use their van a great deal. Thought his clothing storage solution was clever (bearing in mind nothing has to be ironed, it's all for walking/backpacking/cycling and so on)
    No affiliation, bla bla bla. Wondered if you would find it interesting.

  2. You're right, a real waterproof is a must for an outdoors sort of person...I am seriously tempted by the almost knee length ones made by Rohan (why are the jackets usually so short? So you have to buy their waterproof trousers as well, I suspect) but I already have a very good shorter one...hmm...indecision!