Friday, 10 October 2014

Public Dirty Linen and Free Storage!

I got more excited than I really should have over a mundane piece of household equipment  when this arrived yesterday.  It's the Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag in a lovely beige, grey than will go well with the new revamped interior of my motorhome  What's clever about it is those handles fold down to make a  sturdy basket-like structure.  Whilst it's capacious and will hold rather a lot of  grubby socks, it's quite narrow and fits behind an unused void behind the driver's seat in the motorhome. That will free up valuable underseat storage where I used to keep my dirty laundry for the halogen oven.  Now there's another carefully selected gadgety type thing that's earned its place on my new life adventure.

In under three weeks, many of my possessions will go into the storage facility of a jolly nice gent at Buckfastleigh.  What gets stashed away has to be thought about very carefully because once they've gone I won't have access to them.  I can't just pop in and retrieve a favourite jumper that I forgot to put in the van.

There's a few things that I'd like to be able to keep around but which I don't want cluttering up the van as they're bulky - a filing box with all my paperwork, my sewing machine, tools for jewellery making (yes!) and ski gear.  I think I've found a solution though which doesn't involve cluttering up
the homes of friends.

There's a great big void under my desk at work.  Over the next few days it will become my second mini storage site.  It's secure as the room is locked when our team members are not in it and tucked away so the things will be out of sight.  It seems an absolutely perfect solution until an authority figure discovers it and tells me off.  I think I'm going to take the chance!


  1. We are lucky because our storage unit is accessible 6 days a week. Of course, that is only relevant when we are in the area, and I expect we pay quite dearly for that facility. Your bag is fab; we are using a huge tartan shopping bag (plus a Carrefour bag for life) for our washing, but it sits in the bathroom most of the time.

    I am still trying to work out where/how I can sneak a sewing machine in though! (Not absolutely necessary but really desired now after three years of not having one).

    p.s. I spent ages worrying about whether we had enough and the right stuff for our trip away this time, and that is only for four months, so I can imagine (remember) what it is like when you first make the transition.

  2. Hi Alison, my sewing machine is a Silverline one from Lidl that's really compact and light (can be lifted with one hand) so could you find space for that when it next appears in the offer racks? However mine will be stored under that office desk most of the time until its needed. It's going to be my own version of that accessible 6 days a week storage albeit in miniature! x