Thursday, 23 October 2014

Another Good Scandinavian Word

In pursuit of something Scandinavian to illustrate this post,  I trawled Ikea's webpages rather than seeking out some funky obscure art site.  I'm trying to make a  life, that is way too hectic for my liking, a bit easier.  In the past  I've talked about Hygge,  a Danish word that sums up the idea of cosyness.  Now that my motorhome is newly refurbished with swanky new upholstery and vinyl I'm up for injecting shedloads of  that in there to keep us perky over the winter months. No, you can't have a peek inside Klaus the Knaus yet. It's a tip in there at the moment. Definitely not a place to evoke snuggliness.  But maybe in a couple of days time, I'll be ready to show him off!

The latest clever word that I've learnt from my chums from the Northern reaches is 'lagom'.  It epitomises the state of having just enough, another totally appropriate concept to bear in mind when it comes to having a happy, fulfilling life in a van.  I was introduced to it by this article from the Guardian which challenges the idea that possessions equal prosperity. I think many of my bloggy friends might find it interesting too.


  1. Couldn't we see before and after?!

  2. Your link doesn't work for me...

  3. Thanks to my lovely proof reader Toffeeapple the link works now! x