Saturday, 25 October 2014

Best Crack On!

As I write, my son is heading up to Bristol Airport to catch a flight to Portugal where he's spending a half term holiday with his dad.   He came round to say farewell and tap me for Euros yesterday evening. And Salty Dog  is disturbing my blogging. She's brought me a big cup of tea and has joined me in bed for a chat.  We've covered the woeful state of the stock market, self employment as a consultant and secondhand motorhome tyres already!

We had a terribly girly time last night that included feasting on  leftovers, drinking wine and dancing.around the living room.  It'll  be the last bit of R'n'R in the few days left before my monumental move. Once I've dispatched my friend after filling her tummy with eggs and yummy cheesy jalapeno bread,  I've got a frightning to do list as long as my arm to tackle.  This is just a small portion of it. So there's no more time for lounging around. Let's get on with it!


  1. Why do you have to do the gardening if you are leaving? Good luck with all those jobs.

  2. Good luck- see you on the other side!

  3. Garden has to be left neat and tidy
    There's a bramble patch in a corner. Bah!