Saturday, 4 October 2014

Do I Need A Vase?

Even though my lack of gardening prowess means that I am a slayer of plants extraordinaire, I love having flowers around.  Irises are my absolute favourite, just the bog standard purple-blue variety, followed closely by a tightly arranged multi-coloured array of tulips.  Sadly neither of these last long when they're cut.  There's a great florist stall at Trago Mills and sometimes I'll treat myself.   At certain times of the year pretty grape hyacinths are in stock and I pounce on those. I'm rather partial to  gladioli and the creamy coloured fluffy dahlias as well.  Hell, even a bunch of daffs can be a fine thing!  Yes, I think I will have a vase of sorts in my motorhome when I live there.   Perhaps it will have to be something multi-functional like a jug.  A couple of those little french ceramic yoghurts pots I've used before may come in handy too for I might even forage again in the hedgerows and make posies with some of the extra time that I'll free up.

Yesterday a relative of one of the people that I've seen lately popped into the hospital for a chat. She was on her way to see her mum with a large autumnal bouquet.  This incredibly blousey flower head fell off onto the floor of the consulting room.  'You can have that!' she said.  It had no stem and alas, I had no bowl of water and candles in the office where it could artfully float.   So, I took it to my car as I was heading out shortly after the visit. For the remainder of its short life it brightened  my dashboard....and my day. Little things are sent to make us happy!


  1. When I started to read I thought of a jug - but read further and you've already considered that. I love fresh flowers- I had sweet peas in the house for weeks over the summer as they were so prolific. It was lovely as the seeds were part of a birthday gift from a blogfriend, so it was a gift that kept on giving.

    1. Yep sweet peas are nice too. Never seen on flower stalls. Have to be grown (Yikes! ) or gifted. xx