Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Fallout from a Metaphorical Explosion

'You are very kind, Mummy,' said Louis, a couple of evenings ago. 'But your anger is like a bomb.  It's hard to light but once it goes off you know about it!'

For the second day in a row problems around homework and behaviour came to light.  They're nothing uber serious in the scheme of things, but the school rightly comes down on their new excitable band of new charges like a ton of bricks.  Perhaps it prevents more serious problems emerging further down the line.  I have to say though it's a stressful time for parents who just want the best for their kids and are anxious for them to do well and just be good.  As a consequence of a catalogue of misdemeanours my son had just felt the full and very noisy force of my wrath.  My stress levels have been building up and boom! Once an outburst has occurred it's happily over, done and dusted  I'm not a sulker or a harbourer of grudges.

Peace is restored but  harsh sanctions have now been imposed at Lovelygrey Cottage and the house that Louis shares half the time with his father.  There'll be no treats or screen time until half term, a week and a half away.  He's  going to have to be a little more creative about entertaining himself for the next few days.  It means that I'm interacting with him rather more than I usually do during the times when he's plonked in front of the telly.  And that can't really be a bad thing.

What have we been doing?  Well, there's reading of course.  We both like that. I introduced him to an old favourite of mine, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4.  When I first read it I embarrassed myself by laughing out loud on a train. It's still good and Lou's enjoying it.  We're also contemplating our navels together.  I've been meaning to teach him mindfulness for some time  and it seemed like  a good opportunity  to start the process has presented itself.  Maybe some focus will have a knock on effect on that behaviour?  Anyway Lou surprisingly thinks the meditation for children albums that he's downloaded into his folder in our Spotify account are cool and he wriggles his way through the commentary. Sitting still isn't really something that he does all that well but practice might improve that as well.

His favourite activity though are the maths puzzles that Mama Lovelygrey cut out from her newspaper and collected together for him in a scrapbook.  They're going down a treat and testing my brain that's been frazzled by work, thoughts of moving and the normal trials and tribulations of parenting life. So, there was an almighty explosion. However the aftermath hasn't been at all bad!


  1. It's surprising how something we initially label as 'bad' turns out to be a good thing...

  2. A friend of mine who has 2 lovely grown up children told me to be strict when they are young so you don't have to be when they are teenagers. I think she was right.