Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Good News Calls For Chocolate!

Even though life is mega stressful at the moment, there are signs that balance is being restored.  I spent yesterday afternoon, unearthing my ostrich-like head from some metaphorical sand to take stock of a big backlog of routine work that had built up whilst I've recently dealt with crisis after crisis. And what do you know?  My predictions of catastrophe were all completely out of kilter with reality. Problems have either solved themselves or people have transferred out of area.  Much to the amusement of my social services colleagues,  I did a  bit of impromptu dancing in their office  as I received the news of one person's move to another continent.  Their departure meant that a very substantially piece of work that was causing me all sorts of worries had just melted away.

And after the hoo-ha of last week, my son's  behaviour has improved immensely. All sanctions at school have been lifted and  Louis' Head of House persuaded me to get rid of the treat/telly ban earlier than I'd originally planned.  Chocolate eating has been restored to the residents of Lovelygrey Cottage. Yay! It seemed rude not to buy a bar of this stuff, on offer at the Co-op for £1.50, to mark the occasion.  Popping candy rather than champagne corks is, after all, far more fitting for a celebration with an eleven year old!