Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Into the Metaphorical Sunset

Today's the day!  In about eight hours time Lovelygrey Cottage will be emptied of my possessions and those that  aren't in the van or haven't been recycled, gifted and loaned to friends will be heading off into storage. Lord knows how that will be achieved. There's still a bit to pack from the kitchen and the spare room has not really been touched.  There's also a big IKEA shelf unit that I'm darned if I know how to dismantle.   I'm sure those removal dudes will have come across people that are way less organised than me.  At least I hope that's the case. The only thing for it is to have faith that it will all come out in the wash.

The end  of a very hectic and strenuous few days, that has left every part of my body aching, is in sight.   But I'm not quite there yet. There's lots of cleaning to do including shampooing carpets.  I'm hoping to get that all done today but Thursday evening's been kept free in case it doesn't pan out and I collapse with exhaustion before this day has ended. There were troops who offered their services but I shooed them away.  My stubborn independent streak will serve me well into old ladydom.  I've seen plenty of feisty biddy imbued with the same admirable spirit. But perhaps I should  learn to accept a bit of help when it's proffered.

Tonight will be the first spent on what will be my main home for the next few months.  Pitch 42 is on a great campsite.  And its flat.  No need for my wheel chocks then!  So let's finish with a  dreadful musical pun.   I was more an indie girl and never a jazz funk fan but this very danceable song with great lyrics from my '80s youth that I rather like with do the trick.


  1. Good luck for today. You should sleep well tonight, knowing it is all over! ( After a glass or 2 of something I hope? You will deserve it)

  2. Yes, good luck! Though to a large extent you make your own and you are doing a great job.

  3. Good Luck from me as well. Not that you probably need it, a resourceful woman as you are.