Friday, 3 October 2014

Light Living

With just under four weeks to go before our bricks and mortar home is left behind, the plans to move into the motorhome are going swimmingly.  Lots of direct debits were cancelled yesterday after the bills went out at the beginning of the month.  No more water rates, council tax, landline, utilities or rent!   It's given me an idea of just how much I'll save in spite of having to pay pitch fees.  More stuff has been discarded and there's another bootload for the charity shop today.  I've found nifty solutions to some of the conundrums that have been occupying my brain. I'll share some of those later on. The date for vinyl laying has also been set for next Wednesday.  It's so exciting that my mini interior design project is coming together.

I don't have any artwork in the van at the moment. Instead of pictures I've made do with changing landscapes seen through its great big windows.  I am tempted though to hang this lovely letterpress print by Lesley & Pea to brighten up the inside of my front door, the only big, bare spare.   Surely a boat can be a metaphor for a motorhome and this can be my manifesto for life from now on? Aside from the pipe and the pets it seems to sum up what I want quite swimmingly!


  1. Your new life will be interesting to read about.

  2. I like it too. It sums up how I used to live; I'm trying to get back there with some major decluttering of the attic room!