Friday, 31 October 2014

Lost and Found

 I was going to pitch up with a penguin picture as there's a brilliant kid's book by Oliver Jeffers with the same title as today's post.  When Googling I found that someone had told the story, complete with the original pictures on Youtube,  Then I realised that she'd reeled off  my favourite kid's tale from Louis' tiny years as well,  So I'm sharing the tale of Beegu instead even though it's way off subject matter.  How random is that?

Yesterday was a really mixed bag.  I saw some lovely people, patients I think that they called them in the olden days.  What these folk or these families really don't need when they've just been given a diagnosis of dementia is someone offhand or officious.  When I meet them for counselling I think a lot of them are expecting me to come equipped with a straitjacket and cart them off to the nearest old peep's home.   One lady certainly had that in her head.  That was what had pretty much happened to one of her elderly neighbours years back and it was wedged in her mind.   Instead they get someone smiley who's there to help them  work out how to remain as independent as possible and realise the dreams that they have left.  Often we end up laughing although I forget the circuitous route we took that made one carer reveal that her husband tells their two year old that the word for 'willy' is 'anaconda'! I bet she wasn't expecting to talk about that.  I get hugged a lot as well.  That might mean that I'm doing a half reasonable job.

The rest of the former Lovelygrey Cottage was cleaned in super quick time and I was all set to return home to the van to cook.  A rustic sausage and lentil stew was on the cards.  I popped into our local post office for some Thatcher's to wash it down.  After all I'm still celebrating a home move.  It was there I realised that the motorhome keys had gone missing.  I bet they're in that messy car but be blowed if I could find them in the pitch black.  There seemed nothing else to do but retrace my steps back to my Totnes office and then the extra fourteen miles in the fog to Kingsbridge Hospital where I'd held a clinic earlier in the day. A kind porter  really tried hard to search them down.  No keys to be seen but the lost property box did yield the flowery umbrella that I'm very partial to!  That went AWOL about six months ago and I thought that it was gone forever.  I wonder whether that was during a very hectic time of life too as I always seem to lose stuff when I'm stressed.

In the end a very nice RAC man broke into my van. I had to sign a disclaimer to let him off if he did damage but there wasn't any.   He will make a good burglar in his next life.  It was too late to cook so I feasted on cheese...and that cider of course!


  1. Loved Begu; never met her before!

  2. PS Get your self a spare set of keys and leave with a friend!

  3. I hope your keys turn up very soon!