Friday, 24 October 2014

Mastering Those Discounts

I forget I am a student for, like some of my compatriots, I do not have a weird fascination with nicking traffic cones and road signs. Nor do I chat up boys in the Student Union bar.  In fact I don't chat up boys anymore full stop, much to the annoyance of Reiki Ray.  He is adamant that I need to get out there immediately and find my soulmate, whom, he insists that he's been having psychic chats with. Blimey! I couldn't make this up if I tried.  Even though Ray operates on a higher plane, he is also as mad as a box of frogs and I'm ignoring him.  Far too busy with house move, essay and making sure that my son stays on the straight and narrow.  If however Prince Charming is out there and feels that Ray's been having a chat do let me know.  Just make sure it's after I've moved into the motorhome though!

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, being a student.  Blue Light, my manager, who's never happier than when dealing with emergency call outs, got funding for his own Master's degree at the same time as I secured mine. He told me about the NUS Extra Scheme.  I'm entitled to membership even though I am a part-time distance learner.  For a payment of £12 a year, my Spotify subscription will drop down from ten quid to a fiver, there's a 10% discount at the Co-op and another 5% at Amazon.  With it, I can also get 11% off an 18-25 railcard. Apparently I can even get one of those as well even though I'm twenty four years over the official age limit. Result!  I've added an international ISIS card and memberships to the international student group ISIS, and   Gourmet Society for small sums when buying the card.  I'm quite interested in the discount from ATS Euromaster on tyres as well. It's been pointed out that the motorhome's going to need some soon and that's a scary economic prospect as they're big bastards.

I think I've demonstrated that it's well worth checking your entitlement to discounts based on student status.  There's also savings to be had for  people entitled to benefits and in certain professional groups including us lot in the NHS.  Go seek out what you're entitled to. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Good advice. I get a council tax discount. I know others who maybe could as well, but they don't want to go through the scrutiny of assessors because that entails laying all your cards on the table. I don't care who knows it, I don't have a lot of money.