Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Motorhome Living: The Really Big Question

I'm writing this post at three in the morning.   Planning my imminent move into Klaus the Knaus, my motorhome, seems to have brought on a bout of insomnia, something that I accept as inevitable at times like this. There's so much to think about that interferes with sleep. Today, Vince the Vinyl comes to fit my floor and newly upholstered cushions to complete the interior makeover should arrive in two or three days time.  My weekend plans include building 'Shelves Mk 2', this time out of thicker marine plywood.  Maybe, after the DIY debacle a couple of weekends ago, I'll finally have something that I can show off. Then there's packing up the house and getting my affairs in order, bills to pay, things to sort out. Can you see why my noggin is spinning?

When I previously talked about the questions that I'm being asked about motorhome living I forgot the big, fat obvious one which has been on almost everyone's lips.  Why am I doing it?  I think I've touched on this in a number of posts but thought that it would be good to consolidate my reasoning.

  • Most people assume that my motives are financial.  That's part of the picture as I'll be able to save a fair bit by adopting this lifestyle in terms of fixed cost and limitations on spending imposed by living in a small space.   I'll be paying off some unexpected bills incurred on my rental property, saving for the future and spending yet more on the Brixham house for ongoing maintenance.  Its exterior really could do with painting. I'm also planning a special holiday in 2015.  Financial considerations aren't at the forefront of my mind though.  There's a very simple main reason  which is.....
  • I'VE REALLY WANTED TO DO THIS FOR A LONG TIME.  Isn't that a lovely one!
  • It gives me breathing space to think about what I really want from life and the flexibility to act quickly if something takes my fancy.
  • I'll be  back in control of the space I live in.  I was never felt completely comfortable in rented accommodation where repairs are someone else's responsibility and may or may not be authorised.  In my case the refusal to sort out a wonky bath which leaked every time I showered on the grounds of expense was the final straw.  Alarm bells were starting to ring about.  What if something really major like the boiler broke beyond repair.  Could we have been left without heat and hot water in the dead of winter? I wasn't sure of the answer.
  • It means that there'll be a bit of  geographical distance between me and Louis' dad.  Living round the corner has been really convenient and has generally worked well but now feels like the right time to put a couple of miles between our homes without unduly affecting our son.
  • It'll free up time to write, get creative, study, exercise, spend time with family and friends and generally expand my horizons in ways I haven't even contemplated yet.
  • It demonstrates to Louis that there are alternatives to conventional ways of living, an important lesson in a world where success is all too often measured in terms of what you have.
  • It will teach me what I can live without when I move into a proper house.  I never want to be in a position where I have to discard so much excess stuff ever again.
Does this makes sense?  I hope so.  Unlike the confused looking bloke in today's picture I am very clear about the rationale for my decisions.  This is life changing stuff after all and has to be thought through carefully!


  1. I think you will be very happy!

  2. Yes, it all makes sense to me. There are times when my clutter gets too much and I have to get rid. A cluttered home makes a cluttered mind. Living in a small space will eliminate that problem. What better reason for doing this, because you want to. We should all be doing what we want to. Good on you for taking the plunge. Better to have had a go, rather than die wondering if you could have done it.

    1. Thanks Meanqueen. I'm spurred on by the idea that we have more regrets about the things that we didn't do. x

  3. the more stuff we own and the more stuff we have around our house the more chaos I have in my head. Like I am being fenced in. Isnt there a saying something like, don't let your possessions own you. I need space, in my house and in my head.

    1. What I find Sol is that if there's chaos in my head there's chaos in my surrounding and vice versa. They're really interconnected and either can be the driver for the other. With this move I'm trying to eliminate both. x

  4. I live with the notion that you can only do what you think is best at the time. I've found that it saves on regrets. If you're doing it because you want to - so much the better!
    We have hopes of owning a Klaus of our own one day, and very recent and tentative research shows that it may, one day, in the not too distant future, be possible. Life will be different, but that's not a bad thing.
    We wish you and Louis all the luck in the world with your upcoming changes, and having met you, we think you'll have a blast! xx

  5. Oh a Klaus twin . How exciting! Have fun looking at vans in mean time and dreaming. Thanks for kind wishes xx

  6. You'll have a blast when the move is over. Think of all that freedom!