Monday, 6 October 2014

Normal Again

Back along my ex and I had to temporarily change our childcare arrangements as he had a contract working away.  For its duration I looked after Louis in the week and he stayed with his Dad at the weekend.  Finally we are now back to our old routine where our son spends alternate weekends with me. It dawned on me over the weekend that this was the first Saturday and Sunday we'd spent at home in yonks. With no plans couldn't we just sit around watching telly and playing games on our respective phones? Wrong!

On Saturday afternoon we joined Crafty Kerry and her kids at Shaldon. Now this is my good young friend, Bossy Bess.  She told me that she knows the secret of how to keep boys under control.  I wish she'd tell me!  We strolled around town and then went for a drink in cafe ODE where they brew their own interestingly named beer.  'Did you have a Shag?' said an older lady passing our table.  A bit personal I thought until I realised that she was talking about the ale.  Actually mine was an Oarsome.  Jolly good it was too. Our little trip out ended with a paddle on Ness Beach which you reach through a Smuggler's tunnel.   The kids made ghoulish noises and Louis jumped out of a nook in the wall at a passing stranger.  'I lost all street cred.' said the man 'I screamed like a girl!'  Honestly!  Neither Bess or I would be so lily-livered.

And then onto Sunday.  With nothing on the cards it was perfectly okay for Louis to sleep in until nearly 10am. He then made the first batch of his trademark pancakes in a long time.  Salty Dog phoned.  Her sailing friend, the Bendy Alaskan, was over from the Caribbean so an impromptu tour of Dartmoor seemed like an excellent plan.   I've an idea of what floats the boat of nautical American when they come ashore: A bit of history, wild landscapes and proper beer.   And what do you know.  I was spot on!


  1. I love a busy weekend too. Ale and pancakes too!!!

  2. Far better than electronic games. The picture of you is the best yet.