Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Proof That The World Needs More Wacky Grey Women

This is the very gorgeous and immensely funny  Donnalou Stevens, creator of art that made to generate laughter and good feelings.   Go on press that 'play'  button as it will give your day a lift.

At the tender age of 55 Donnalou feels that she's just got her wings.  She models a pair of natty butterfly ones on her website and as such would fit very nicely into my workplace town of Totnes, formerly twinned with Narnia but now seemingly linked at the hip with Area 51.   Those flying appendages have been successfully tested out and are taking her to heights that she never believed possible.  Here's what she says,

I have a whole vision ahead, a series of creative projects that serve to uplift everyone in all walks of life, everywhere & to make people feel better about themselves and each other.

See Donnalou's Kickstarter page where she sought the cash for her next music video that is deservedly fully funded. Here, she talks a bit more about her plans.  Her sense of fun and creativity is infectious.   She wants a to create a  worldwide community fostering kindness, generosity, magic, celebration and play.  Well I like the sound of all of those things so I'm in!  Who knows what avenues beyond those that I already travel that I might explore.  Stop me though if  I burst into song outside the privacy of my own car.  That could be a scary, tuneless step too far!

Perhaps there's a message here for us older ladies and indeed the men for I'm not going to be sexist or non inclusive. When we've at last become comfortable in our own ageing bodies perhaps we can unleash the overt joy and creativity that we were too self-conscious to manifest in our earlier days.   We can then be role models for the young'uns so they start to be content with who they are and live their lives to the full way earlier than we ever did.

Another bit of inspiration came to mind. I leave you with this.   It seems to fit well with everything else I've said today.


  1. Hear, hear. I loved it. My mum always said she enjoyed getting older and I'm starting to understand what she means. I think you either let yourself become world weary or you just stop caring about other people's negativity. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a total delight that was, thank you for putting it up. Would it be fine to share it do you think?