Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sent To Try Us....And It's Working!

I'm becoming more and more convinced that homework was invented by a sadistic teacher just to test the limits of parents' patience.  Believe me, during  the first few weeks of Louis' senior school career, I am now fully aware of where those boundaries lie!

'Have you got any homework?' I asked Louis.  He looked at his student planner, the nerve centre of his academic world, like a 1990's executive filofax but way more important.    'Nope!' he said triumphantly.  I frowned. Past experience has taught me that the first assurance isn't completely trustworthy.  'Are you absolutely sure?  What about the stuff online?'  In addition to paper based tasks there are computerised tests for maths and languages.   I've cottoned onto the fact that hidden traps have been set for the unwary mama who has signed an uncompromising homework agreement that threatens hanging, drawing and quartering at first offence stage.

To Louis' credit he went right ahead and checked his laptop  without any more prompting. There was nothing outstanding in the digital world.   So I got on with the task of cooking tea and he snuggled into the sofa to watch the first of a number of back episodes of Scrubs, his preferred viewing at the moment.  He's come a long way since his Balamory days and finally, he's watching programmes that I actually like as well.

And so we had a cosy mum/son night off with JD, Turk and Dr Cox. Some custard tarts got demolished at well.  Love, fluffy bunnies  and bonhommie prevailed....that is until bedtime.  I was feeling all gooey and warmhearted as I kissed Louis goodnight.  'Oops' he said 'I forgot. Science is due in tomorrow.' Aaaaaargh!


  1. Clever Louis, remembering at bedtime eh?
    Gonna go far methinks.
    Or...... mummy will cotton on pretttty quickly.
    Seriously though, with an eight year gap, my daughter's homework was waaay harder and much more serious than her older brothers' at the same school. So I haven't been able to 'teach' her ironing (a useful skill) at the same age. She is in college now and boy, am I glad that school malarkey is done with.

  2. My son has Aspergers and in the early days at senior school we found it helpful to quietly email some of his teachers to find out more because he could be an adept fibber at times. We were also able to clarify how long he should be spending because sometimes he went into too much detail or had misunderstood the task.