Monday, 20 October 2014

Sock Loss and Other Stressors

I'm having a day where it was difficult to think of what to post. In spite of mindfulness practice, a band of angels looking after me and my own personal reiki healer it'll come as no surprise that I'm feeling significantly stressed.  Work is busy, there's a house to pack up and a motorhome to prepare, Louis' behaviour is being kept on extra special check and to top it all, there's a mini essay to complete by next Monday. Aaaaargh!  No wonder my brain is kerfuffled. Roll on next week when life should be way simpler.

So, apologies for recycling stuff off the Internet and the sweary language in this comic strip. It's funny though and sort of sums up what's  happening at Lovelygrey Cottage at the current time.  In the turmoil,  things are getting lost and found and lost again!


  1. We won't desert you if you have a couple of days off! When you are in the van, there won't be room for lost socks...or will there?

  2. Try not to stress too much, it will all come out in the wash. Make a list, prioritise what needs to be done and if all else fails recruit help. I think early secondary school days are quite difficult but it gets easier as they settle down, its a huge transition for them. Try not to worry too much. Not long to go now.....

  3. Have list. It's just very big! Know it will be okay in the end though even though life is way too hectic at the moment. x