Saturday, 11 October 2014

Stop Fighting Back

The weekend is much needed!  It's been a long hard week even though I was off with a poorly foot for one of the days..   It occurred to me yesterday that, when I was working in accountancy firms, I had absolutely no idea of the extent to which others, who are among the people I pass by in the street, suffer. Through direct experience I think I have a pretty good idea now.

So spare a thought  for people in the NHS, the social care sector and  emergency services for we routinely encounter situations that many in our comfortable society can't envisage. In my own line of work I've discovered that dementia can be a truly horrible disease that robs a person of dignity and causes them and their family extreme distress.   There is no cure and sometimes no solution to make things anywhere near alright.  The situation is made worse by  rigid bureaucracy. It was this that caused me to shed tears of frustration on two occasions in the last few days.   And I'm someone who knows the system.  Imagine what it must be like for unwitting relatives coming across barrier after barrier with no idea how to get around them.

 I try to be kind but sometimes, particularly when stressed myself, I can be grumpy, grouchy and discover that I do indeed have a sharp end to my tongue.  So this picture is a reminder for myself.  But it's also a reminder to everyone else out there.  We so often judge on first impressions and act accordingly but have no idea what that person might be going through.  Don't make their battle worse by fighting back!

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  1. So true. I have worked in the care profession for most of my working life and know how hard it is. I have a son who is autistic and the daily struggle is sometimes overcoming other people's judgements (because he doesn't look 'disabled'). It has taught me not to judge a book by its cover and but also not to worry about what other people think.