Sunday, 26 October 2014


Photo: John Salter

Ha! Craft Kerry thought she knew what I was going to blog about today.  For I was eulogising over a new handheld electrical device.  How I've survived without an electric screwdriver for the first forty nine years of my life I'll never know!

You might have got a full blog post raving about my new £6.99 piece of kit were it not for the fact that yesterday, on the way to the recycling centre, I spotted something that I've passed before hundreds of times. Crawling through Newton Abbot at the pace of a particularly sluggish snail, I noticed what was on top of the war memorial for the very first time.   Here is the very gorgeous Victory, breaking free from her chains, complete with Hercules bomber giving her a lovely fly past salute. As I go for a bit of metaphor big time, this girl spoke volumes to me. At this time of transition she represents what I feel is going on in my life.

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