Sunday, 12 October 2014

Waking to An Unplanned Sea View

My summer gets booked up way in advance with no time left to be spontaneous.  But as autumn arrives the festivals, fetes and other events are rather more thin on the ground.  So, for the second time in a row I've found myself with  a weekend on my hands where I'd made no firm plans to fill it.  It allows for spontaneity to creep in and that's got to be a good thing.

This weekend found me home alone.  My life is one of two quite different halves. I'm currently in a phase where the home becomes quieter and tidier.  It's characteristic of the times when my kid is with his dad.  Actually Louis spent Friday night camping in a field for a friend's birthday celebration. 'Bring Nerf guns and pyjamas!' were the instructions.  When he spoke to me from his treasured mobile phone (my old one) he was toasting marshmallows.   I'm not sure how the rest of the proceeding went but when I phoned to say goodnight at seven yesterday evening Louis was already in the land of Nod.  I don't expect half a dozen eleven year old boys in a tent  sleep much but it can't do a lot of long term harm. It's great that he has an old fashioned childhood where he does lots of lovely simple stuff outdoors.  I suspect that there's plenty of children who don't do that stuff anymore.

And me?  Well, I've ended up on an impromptu visit to Exmouth.  Friends from the US stay here several times a year to see parents and each time rent the same beautiful  house with views of the sea through the trees.  'Shall I pop down, catch up with coffee and hand over that salted caramel coulis?' I asked my friend, The Second Martha Stewart, who is a fantastic cook.   She'd begged me to bring her some back from my last French trip.  'Why don't you come and stay for the night?' she suggested.  'Oh, and by the way do you like roast beef?' How could a carnivorous girl resist! There were amazing mushrooms cooked in sherry and cream as an accompaniment and apple crumble and ice cream for pudding, my absolute favourite dessert.   I went to bed with a full tummy and left the curtains open so I could see the twinkling lights across the bay.  Bliss!   As I blog from bed today I'm waking up to this pretty scene outside my window. 

After a night of sharing stories and swapping music I'll be heading home after a little seafront stroll.  Then there's studying to do, a house to pack and shelves for that motorhome wardrobe to be made.  I'll pick up the wood as I pass through Exeter.  Perhaps my renewed calmness will mean that my second woodworking attempt will be way more successful.  We'll just have to see!


  1. Ahhh Exmouth - happy memories - I spent several happy residential weeks there with the Devon Youth Orchestra, back in the day, and finally passed my driving test there 4th time in 1990!!